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BioVision Torch

Putting cleanliness in the forensic spotlight

Are your surfaces just visibly clean, or are they actually physically clean?

Organic material such as blood and faeces provide the perfect environment for harmful microogranisms such as C. diff to flourish. For this reason, achieving the highest standards of cleaning in our hospitals is the fundamental criteria for preventing hospital acquired infections.

Whilst the majority of surfaces may look clean, the true question is whether or not they are physically clean? Take the surfaces shown (near right) as the perfect example. Each one of these surfaces appears to be clean. Only through inspection with the Puralife BioVision® do we get a true insight into the level of cleanliness.

CiFi stands for Cleaning Inspection for Forensic Investigation and the Puralife BioVision® was developed as a forensic tool to detect traces of biological material for the police. As a portable device helping to prevent crime scene contamination, the Puralife BioVision® technology is used by various law enforcement agencies around the world. Utilising this innovative technology to help healthcare professionals detect otherwise invisible, yet potential pathogen harbouring biological sources is a logical step in the Puralife BioVision® application spectrum.


More Information

Puralife BioVision® will revolutionise how we train & clean

The light wavelength of 445 is the optimal wavelength for detecting biological matter. The Puralife BioVision® generates high intensitiy light in the 437nm – 458nm range making is a truly unique solution.

The 6 benefits of the Puralife BioVision® at a glance

  • allows professionals to visualise levels of contamination on surfaces they are cleaning
  • invaluable training tool driving cleaning process improvement
  • a precise auditing asset covering 100% of surfaces rather than limited sampling.
  • light, portable and easy to handle
  • no additional consumables required
  • absolute discretion, only authorised personnel wearing the Puralife BioVision® glasses will see the results.
Key Benefits

Detects bacteria and biological traces including:
• Blood
• Vomit
• Urine
• Fingerprints
• Saliva
• Faeces

Technical Specifications:

Length – 270 mm
Diameter – 67 mm
Weight – 0.84 Kg
Battery power – 2 x 3.7Vdc 5500mAh
Operation time with full battery – 2 hours
Wavelength – 455 nm
Charger Voltage – 100 – 250V
Charger Freq. – 50/60 Hz
Charger Output – 5V DC – 2 A


The original technology was developed in collaboration with UK Universities and the Metropolitan Police Force. Traditional LED technology was failing to locate evidence and biological traces, especially at crime scenes where there was daylight or other forms of polluting light. This enhanced LED technology delivers consistent results via a powerful, light weight and safe light source has changed the landscape of crime scene investigation.

This technology provides and even greater tightening of the wavelength divergence closer to 445nm. The Puralife BioVision® is also the most powerful output possible resulting in a more intense light beam akin to ‘laser’ emission, but without the health and safety concerns.

This technology is a World Class Scientific Instrument that has a unique combination of wavelength divergence, power and ergonomic design, enabling it to be the world’s first LED light source able to locate bacteria and biological traces in bright ambient light conditions.

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