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Germ hotspots in your business

Irrespective of industry or sector there are key areas of every commercial premise that are particularly susceptible to microbial load – aka germ hotspots. So what do you need to do to promote hygiene and keep your team protected in these areas?

We are more aware than ever of the need for cleanliness in the workplace, but good hygiene should be part of everyone’s daily routine at work, be it in an office, a warehouse, a school or hotel.

While this might necessitate a few changes to the way we do things, the good news is that basic hygiene usually consists of fairly simple measures – just look at how effective hand washing is in preventing the spread of coughs and colds.

Hotspots revealed

Research has repeatedly indicated that the most germ-laden areas of the workplace are, perhaps surprisingly, the microwave door and, less surprisingly, the door to the toilet. Other areas that demonstrate way above average levels of bacterial growth are workstations, fridge doors, reception counters and table tops in conference rooms.

In a communal workplace everyone has their part to play in ensuring good hygiene – it’s not enough to rely on cleaners. In fact, research shows that areas have to be cleaned with bleach or disinfectant every two hours to prevent microbes from multiplying. This means good collective hygiene and a long-term approach to cleanliness is the way forward.

Steps to take

Did you know that the average office desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Create a clean environment in your workplace by:

  • Ensuring appliances in the kitchen are kept clean – inside and out. Use an antibacterial spray to clean the inside of microwaves and fridges on a daily basis and always mop up any food spills and throw away out-of-date food. Puralife Clean Skins can be cut to fit any dimension and are easy to fix to fridge and microwave oven doors – simply stick and peel
  • Don’t leave lots of sponges and cleaning cloths by the sink. They are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. After use, disinfect, leave to dry and then pop in a cupboard
  • We’re all pressed for time at work, but encourage colleagues to eat lunch away from their desks. Not only is it better for their wellbeing, but keyboards are a hotbed for germs. Ensure keyboards, wrist rests and mouse mats are cleaned regularly
  • Ensure there is adequate access to hand sanitiser and that soap dispensers in the bathrooms are regularly filled
  • Encourage colleagues to bring their own cup to work and make sure cups are washed in hot water every day
  • Keep watercoolers scrupulously clean, especially the area near the operating buttons
  • Door push pads and handles are a chief spreader of viruses. To provide long-term protection, fit with Puralife Clean Skins

When it comes to communal areas, such as conference rooms and reception areas where many people gather, ensure counter tops and shared items – such as pens – are cleaned regularly. Puralife Clean Skins offer protection here and can be cut to fit any table or desktop.

  • Warning! Do you hot desk or share equipment with a colleague? This is a really convenient and efficient way to work in many cases, but it is very easy for germs to pass between colleagues. Never chew pens (lots of us do it!) and always clean your phone with an antibacterial solution or wipe.

Top 5 germ hotspots at work

  • Desks
  • Fridges
  • Keyboards and mouses
  • Mugs
  • Door handles/push pads
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