Puralife® Clean Skins™ are a new way to help support hygiene in a range of sectors and environments. From hospitality to healthcare, we have you covered.

Puralife® Clean Skins™ utilise an easy peel low-tack adhesive that adheres to most flat surfaces, leaves no residue and does not contain latex. Bespoke adhesive, top film and print solutions can be provided for any business.Make your brand more hygienic with custom Puralife® Clean Skins™ – a new way to make a visible and customisable commitment to hygiene.

Puralife® Clean Skins™ must be tested by the end user for absolute suitability with the substrates and environments upon which it is intended to be use.

Card terminals

Cashpoint touchpoints

Counter Top

Counter Tops

Customer Keypads

Customer Stations

Customer Touchscreen


Main Access Door

Station Work Surfaces

Wheelchair Access Button

Car park touch screens

Trolley handles

Push pull bars

High traffic hospitality surfaces

Restaurants & bar surfaces

Elevator buttons

Counter tops

Door push plates

Door handles

Transport surfaces

Door handles

Tills and scan surfaces

Elevator hand rails

Touch screens

Hand Rails

Common touch points

Franking Machine



Healthcare setting curtains