Plastic & Us

Some of our product range is sold in plastic containers, which has been a challenge for us as a company. Plastic is actually a very good material for providing long-term protection from the elements, especially with foodstuffs that need to be kept well sealed to keep them fresh while reducing the risk of cross contamination. Our goal is to reduce the amount of virgin plastic and promote a circular economy. This in turn could help towards a better carbon footprint compared to other environmental options such as biodegradable products. Where appropriate, surely it’s better to reuse what we have? Let’s have the conversation… it’s something we should be talking about…

Sadly that’s not as simple as it sounds. Having carried out in-depth research we are yet to find a sustainable and scalable alternative. Many of the options we looked at would not be easily recyclable in the UK and/or suitable for our products.

We are working on this with our suppliers and constantly monitoring the marketplace for better, more scalable and environmentally kinder options.

As soon as we can find a solution that removes plastic and ensures our products reach customers in top condition, we are committed to adopting it.